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Greetings fish darling! Hoping to add a dazzling red arowana fish for Sale to your aquarium? You’ve come to the ideal online shop. These notable fish with gleaming scales and streaming blades are something truly amazing. In any case, finding a sound red arowana available to be purchased can be precarious. Whether you’re a novice aquarist or a prepared specialist, you’ll track down the fundamental data to effectively keep one of the world’s most valued freshwater fish. We should make a plunge and find the ideal red Asian arowana for your home aquarium!

Red Arowana Fish, also known as Dragon Fish, is a breathtaking and majestic species that captures the attention of many aquarists.

The Allure of the Red Arowana Fish

Stunning Appearance

With its metallic red scales, elongated body, and barbels resembling a dragon, the red arowana is a sight to behold. No wonder these “aquatic dragons” are prized in the aquarium hobby and can fetch high prices. Their striking coloration only intensifies as they age.

Types Of Aquarium Fish For Good Luck
Types Of Aquarium Fish For Good Luck


Cultural Significance

In Asia, red arowanas are venerated as a symbol of good luck, flourishing, and life span. Their red tone is related with happiness, achievement, and essentialness. Possessing an arowana, particularly a red one, is an indication of status and riches. An accept they carry concordance and equilibrium to the home.

Challenging to Keep

While dazzling and socially huge, red arowanas expect commitment to keep. They can satisfy 25 years and need gigantic tanks, explicit water conditions, and different diets. Assuming you’re ready to take on the situation, you’ll be compensated with a magnificent pet that collaborates with its proprietors. However, these delights are not for the relaxed specialist.

In the event that you’re hoping to add a red arowana to your assortment, do a lot of exploration on legitimate consideration and natural surroundings. Visit neighborhood fish stores that have practical experience in uncommon species and really take a look at trustworthy web-based retailers.

Be ready to pay between $500 to $5,000 for an exceptional red arowana, contingent upon size, variety, and finnage. While a venture, their excellence and life span make them worth the expense. With the right responsibility, you’ll have a dazzling “oceanic winged serpent” to appreciate for quite a long time.

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Why are Red Arowana Fish Popular among Pet Owners?

Gorgeous and Mesmerizing Appearance

With their metallic scales, red blades, and smooth bodies, red arowanas are dazzling. When you see one effortlessly skimming through an aquarium, you’ll be enthralled. No big surprise they’re valued as elaborate fish and accepted to bring the best of luck and success. Their stunning excellence and lively red tone are not normal for some others.

Long Lifespan and Bond with Owners

In addition to the fact that they are perfect, red arowanas can live up to 10-15 years, so they make a drawn-out responsibility. After some time, they become very friendly and bond intimately with their proprietors. You’ll find they remember you and swim up to welcome you, making them exceptionally intuitive and charming pets.

Fascinating Behavior

Red arowanas are enthusiastic, engaging fish. They love leaping out of the water and will do so when they need your consideration or are energized during taking care of time. Yet, you can definitely relax, with a protected cover, they won’t wind up on your floor! They are additionally exceptionally regional and the guys will show to one another by erupting their gills and blades. Arowanas have sacks of character and it is unendingly intriguing to watch them.

Prestige and Status

Lastly, red arowanas are an image of eminence and status for aquarium specialists and gatherers. Excellent examples can sell for a huge number of dollars because of their unique case and attractiveness. Keeping such a significant and valued fish shows a degree of information, responsibility, and assets that gather regard in aquarium networks. For given managers, the prize of raising a solid red arowana is really beyond value.

Arowana for Sale
Arowana for Sale

Red Arowana Care Guide: Tank Size, Diet, Lifespan & More

Red arowanas are prized fish that require a serious commitment to proper care. As an owner, you’ll need to provide the right environment and diet to keep your arowana healthy and happy for up to 25 years.


Red arowanas can grow up to 3 feet in length, so you’ll require an aquarium of no less than 200 gallons. Arowanas are jumpers, so utilize a tight-fitting top and leave some space at the highest point of the tank. Incorporate driftwood, plants, and another style that stretches out over the water line so your arowana has regions to rest out of the water. Utilize a strong channel and chargee around 25% of the water consistently. Since arowanas lean toward warm water, utilize a radiator to keep a temperature of 77 to 82 F.


Serve live or frozen items such as mealworms, feeder fish, crickets, and shrimp to your arowana. Serve food two to three times a day. At each feeding, only give your arowana as much food as it can consume in roughly five minutes. Overeating may result in health problems. You can also pamper your arowana with a premium pelleted food, but live and frozen foods should be the main sources of nutrition for it.

Lifespan and Temperament

With appropriate consideration, red arowanas can live 20-25 years. They are normally tranquil fish, however may become regional during reproducing. House them alone or with huge, quick tank mates. Red arowanas are wise and might be prepared to take food from their proprietor’s hand. Be that as it may, they might leap out of the aquarium whenever alarmed, so be extremely cautious while moving toward the tank.

By giving the fundamentals like an enormous tank, viable tank mates, live food sources, and immaculate water conditions, you’ll be compensated with an enduring and intelligent pet. The energetic red shading and smooth swimming of the arowana will make it a staggering highlight in your home.

Setting Up the Perfect Tank for Your Red Arowana

You’ve finally located the ideal red arowana and are prepared to carry it home. However, you must first prepare a suitable home for this amazing fish before proceeding.

Given that red arowanas can live up to 15 to 20 years, you want to provide them with a home where they will always be content and healthy.


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Size Matters

Red arowanas can reach lengths of up to three feet, so you’ll need an aquarium that is at least 125–150 gallons. Since arowanas swim a lot, a broader tank is preferable over one that is tall and small. These fish could jump out of the water, so make sure the cover on your tank is securely fastened.

Substrate and Decor

A basic habitat is preferred by red arowanas. For hiding and resting places, use a fine gravel or sand base and add some driftwood and plants. Steer clear of any pointed ornaments. Plants may be uprooted by your arowana as they grow, so choose hardy, well-anchored kinds only.

Lighting and Filtration

Strong filtration is essential for the tank of an arowana. To keep the water clear and clean, use an aquarium filter rated for at least twice the volume of your tank. Ideal illumination is moderate, such as one fluorescent strip lamp. Your arowana may become stressed by excessive light.

Water Conditions

Keep the water’s qualities the same. Red arowanas prefer 77–82 degrees Fahrenheit and soft, acidic water with a pH of 6-7. Every week or two, do routine partial water changes, removing roughly 25% of the tank’s contents. To maintain stable conditions, use a test kit to keep an eye on the pH and other parameters.

You can provide your red arowana everything it needs to live a long, healthy, and happy life as your aquatic friend by giving it a properly spacious habitat, basic decor, good filtration, and optimal water conditions. A diversified diet of meaty things, such as feeder fish, shrimp, and insects, should be provided to your arowana. You may have years of enjoyment out of your stunning red arowana with the correct maintenance and surroundings!

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Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About Red Arowana

These staggering fish have been valued for quite a long time, yet there’s still a lot to find out about Red Arowanas. The following are a couple of fun realities that might shock you:

They’re Living Fossils

Red Arowanas are thought of as “living fossils” since they’ve remained generally unaltered for north of 100 million years. Their particular shape, scales, and barbels (stubbles) intently look like their ancient predecessors. Discuss an immortal delight!

They’re Amazing Jumpers

Try not to be tricked by a Red Arowana’s effortlessness and balance swimming in an aquarium. These fish are really gifted jumpers that can jump up to 3 meters out of the water to get prey or break hunters in nature. Continuously keep a tight-fitting top on your tank or you might track down your Arowana on the floor!

They’re Profoundly Canny

Red Arowanas are surprisingly wise for fish and could be prepared. A few proprietors have helped their Arowanas to answer essential orders for food or perform straightforward stunts. Their knowledge likewise implies loads of mental feeling is required, so give driftwood, plants, and other stylistic layout in the tank to keep them cheerful.

They’re Living Rabbit’s feet

In Asia, the Red Arowana is an image of the best of luck, thriving, and life span. They are venerated for their energetic red and brilliant varieties which are related to riches and achievement. The more splendid and clear the variety, the more valued and promising the Arowana is thought of. No big surprise these shocking “mythical beast fish” can get such exorbitant costs!

The strange Red Arowana keeps on dazzling aquarists all over the planet. Dig further into the existence of this momentous fish and you’ll find a lot additional intriguing realities about what makes them such an entrancing and remunerating animal to keep.

Red Arowana Fish for Sale FAQs: Finding the Right Arowana

What size tank do I need?

Red Arowanas can grow up to 3 feet long, so you’ll want a large tank, at minimum of 100 gallons. These fish are very active swimmers and need plenty of open space. The bigger the tank, the happier your Arowana will be.

Where can I buy a Red Arowana?

How much do Red Arowanas cost?

Red Arowana prices can vary greatly depending on the fish’s size, color, and finnage. You can expect to pay between $200 to $5,000 or more for a Red Arowana. The most prized varieties are the brilliant red and gold crossbucks with perfect symmetry and balance. These “show quality” Arowanas command the highest prices. But with some searching, you can find a beautiful pet quality Red Arowana for a few hundred dollars.

an arowana swimming

Former Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhono paid 200 million rupiah ($20,000) for this arowana, swimming here during an exhibition in Jakarta.

What do Red Arowanas eat?

Red Arowanas are predatory fish and prefer a diet of live or frozen foods. Good options include:

  • Live feeder fish like goldfish, minnows, and shrimp
  • Frozen bloodworms, mysis shrimp, krill
  • Canned silversides and other meaty fish

Arowanas should be fed 2-3 small meals a day. Only offer as much food as your Arowana can eat in about 5 minutes at each feeding. This will help prevent overfeeding and keep your water conditions healthy.

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