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Discover the Beauty of Asian Arowana: Where to Buy Asian Arowana in the USA|

If you’re a fish enthusiast and have been captivated by the stunning beauty and elegance of Asian Arowanas, you might be wondering where to buy these exquisite creatures in the USA. Asian Arowanas, also known as “dragon fish,” are highly sought-after due to their vibrant colors, graceful swimming patterns, and symbolic significance. In this article, we will explore the options available for purchasing Asian Arowana in the USA, ensuring you find a reliable source to fulfill your aquatic desires.

What is an Asian Arowana?

Asian Arowanas belong to the family Osteoglossidae and are native to Southeast Asia. They are known for their distinctive dragon-like appearance, long bodies, and large scales that shimmer with hues of red, gold, and green. These fish have cultural significance in many Asian countries, where they are believed to bring good luck, prosperity, and ward off evil spirits.

Vibrant Asian Arowana swimming in a tank
Experience the elegance of the Asian Arowana

Why is Asian Arowanas popular?

The allure of Asian Arowanas stems from their rarity, unique beauty, and cultural symbolism. Due to their endangered status and strict regulations on international trade, Asian Arowanas are considered a luxury and exclusive addition to aquarium collections. Their scarcity in the wild and controlled breeding programs have contributed to their high demand among fish enthusiasts and collectors.

Legal Considerations when buying Asian Arowana in the USA

Before embarking on your search for an Asian Arowana, it’s crucial to be aware of the legal considerations associated with their purchase in the USA. The import and sale of certain Asian Arowana species are regulated under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Ensure that any seller or breeder you choose operates within the legal framework to avoid legal complications.

Trusted sources to buy Asian Arowana in the USA

When it comes to purchasing an Asian Arowana, it’s essential to rely on trusted sources that prioritize ethical practices and provide healthy fish. Here are some options you can explore:

  1. Online marketplaces for Asian Arowana:
  2. Specialty fish stores:
    • Visit reputable fish stores in your area that specialize in rare and exotic species. They may have Asian Arowanas available or be able to source them for you.
  3. Authorized breeders:
    • Look for authorized breeders who comply with legal requirements and have a good reputation for producing healthy Asian Arowanas.

Tips for buying Asian Arowana

When buying an Asian Arowana, consider the following tips to ensure a successful purchase:

  1. Research and educate yourself about the different Asian Arowana species, their care requirements, and the legal aspects involved.
  2. Verify the seller’s reputation and credibility by checking reviews, testimonials, and their adherence to legal regulations.
  3. Inspect the fish personally or request detailed photographs and videos to assess its health, coloration, and overall condition.
  4. Inquire about the fish’s origins, lineage, and any accompanying documentation such as CITES certificates or health records.

Factors to consider before purchasing

Before finalizing your decision to buy an Asian Arowana, take the following factors into consideration:

  1. Budget: Asian Arowanas can be quite expensive due to their rarity and unique characteristics. Determine your budget and choose a fish that fits within your financial means.
  2. Tank setup: Ensure you have a suitable aquarium with adequate space, proper filtration systems, and the necessary environmental conditions to provide a comfortable habitat for your Arowana.
  3. Commitment and expertise: Asian Arowanas require specific care, including regular maintenance, appropriate feeding, and knowledge about their behavior. Assess your commitment and expertise to provide a healthy and thriving environment for your fish.

Caring for your Asian Arowana

Once you’ve acquired an Asian Arowana, it’s crucial to provide the right care to ensure its well-being. Here are some care tips:

  1. Tank setup: Create a spacious tank with a minimum size of 250 gallons, ample swimming space, and appropriate hiding spots. Maintain stable water parameters, including temperature, pH levels, and filtration.
  2. Diet: Feed your Asian Arowana a varied diet of live foods, pellets, and occasional treats like insects. Ensure a balanced diet to promote growth and vibrant colors.
  3. Maintenance: Perform regular water changes, monitor water quality, and keep an eye on any signs of illness or stress. Maintain a suitable environment for your Arowana to thrive.


Asian Arowanas are captivating creatures that continue to fascinate fish enthusiasts around the world. By understanding the legal considerations, exploring trusted sources, and considering essential factors before purchase, you can embark on a journey to own one of these mesmerizing fish. Remember to prioritize the health and well-being of your Asian Arowana by providing appropriate care and a suitable environment, allowing it to thrive and become a beautiful centerpiece in your aquatic collection. Buy Asian Arowana USA Online


  1. Can I keep Asian Arowanas with other fish in the same tank?
    • Asian Arowanas are best kept in a species-specific tank due to their predatory nature and large size. Mixing them with other fish may lead to aggression and compatibility issues.
  2. How long do Asian Arowanas live?
    • With proper care, Asian Arowanas can live up to 20 years or more, making them long-term companions for dedicated fish keepers.
  3. Are Asian Arowanas difficult to care for?
    • Asian Arowanas require specific care, including a large tank, proper water conditions, and a varied diet. While they may present challenges, they can be rewarding pets with the right commitment and expertise.
  4. Does Asian Arowanas change colors as they grow?
    • Yes, Asian Arowanas can undergo color changes as they mature. Their colors may intensify, and certain markings or patterns may become more pronounced.
  5. Can I breed Asian Arowanas in captivity?
    • Breeding Asian Arowanas in captivity is a complex process that requires specific conditions and expertise. It is generally best left to experienced breeders or aquarists with extensive knowledge.

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