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Are you fascinated by the majestic beauty and intriguing history of the Arowana fish? Look no further than, your premier destination for buying Arowana fish online. Our extensive collection features a wide variety of Arowana species, each with its unique charm and characteristics.

Where Can I Buy Arowana Fish online
Where Can I Buy Arowana Fish Online?

Discover the Allure of Arowana Fish

Arowana fish, also known as “dragon fish,” are highly sought-after for their striking appearance and cultural significance. These ancient freshwater fish are known for their long, slender bodies, large scales, and distinctive whisker-like barbels. Arowana fish are believed to bring good luck and prosperity, making them a popular choice for aquarium enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Explore Our Diverse Selection of Arowana Fish

At, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of Arowana fish for sale. From the vibrant Red Arowana to the stunning Golden Arowana, we have something to suit every taste and preference. Our collection includes:

Each Arowana fish is carefully selected for its health, beauty, and adherence to strict quality standards. Our team of experts ensures that every fish we sell is a true representation of its species.

Platinum Arowana – The Crown Jewel

Among the rarest and most sought-after varieties of arowana fish, the Platinum Arowana stands as the crown jewel. With its shimmering platinum hue and mesmerizing patterns, this exquisite fish is a true masterpiece of nature.

Platinum Arowana

At Arowana Z, we take immense pride in offering this rare and coveted species for sale. Each Platinum Arowana is a living work of art, carefully selected for its exceptional quality and stunning appearance. Owning one of these magnificent creatures is not just about acquiring a fish; it’s about embracing a piece of aquatic opulence that will elevate your collection to new heights of grandeur.

Aquarium Masterpieces – Elevated Tank Designs

To truly showcase the beauty and majesty of your arowana fish, we at Arowana Z believe in providing aquarium solutions that are equally as stunning. Our 170 Gallon White Fish Aquarium is a true masterpiece, combining sleek design and ample space to create an unparalleled viewing experience.

170 Gallon White Aquarium

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this aquarium’s elegant white finish and panoramic viewing panels allow your arowana to take center stage, captivating all who gaze upon it. Whether you choose to create a serene underwater oasis or a vibrant aquatic landscape, this tank provides the perfect canvas for your creative vision.

Our Aquarium Black 175 Gallon tank offers a bold and sophisticated aesthetic for those seeking even more grandeur. Its deep black hue creates a striking contrast, accentuating the vibrant colors and movement of your arowana fish, turning your aquarium into a true focal point of any room.

Arowana for Sale Near You

While our online store offers unparalleled convenience, we understand the desire to explore and purchase arowana fish in person. That’s why we’ve curated a collection of our best arowana retailers near you, ensuring you can find these magnificent creatures at reputable local stores.

Arowana for Sale Near Me

Whether in the United States, the United Kingdom, or any other location, our carefully vetted network of retailers is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality arowana fish and exceptional customer service.

Immerse Yourself in Arowana Elegance

At, we firmly believe that owning an arowana fish is more than just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle that embraces beauty, elegance, and a deep appreciation for nature’s marvels. By offering a wide range of stunning arowana varieties, premium aquarium solutions, and comprehensive resources, we strive to create an immersive experience that transcends mere fishkeeping.

Proper Care for Your Arowana Fish

Caring for an Arowana fish requires dedication and knowledge. At, we provide comprehensive care sheets and guides to help you ensure the well-being of your Arowana fish. From tank size requirements to feeding schedules and water parameters, we’ve got you covered.

Aquarium Essentials for Your Arowana Fish

To complement your Arowana fish, we offer a range of aquarium essentials to create the perfect environment. Our selection includes:

Frequently Asked Questions

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  3. How do I care for my Arowana fish at home?
    • Refer to our detailed Arowana Care Sheet for essential tips on tank setup, water parameters, feeding, and more.

Discover the Allure of Ancient Arowana Fish

For those seeking a truly unique and rare Arowana experience, we invite you to explore our collection of Ancient Arowana Fish. These ancient species, such as the Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, are a true testament to the evolutionary wonders of the Arowana family.

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