Discover the Best Arowana for Beginners: Top Picks and Essential Tips

Best Arowana for Beginners

Discover the Best Arowana for Beginners

Choosing the right Arowana for your aquarium can be daunting for beginners. With numerous varieties available, each with its unique care requirements, it’s essential to pick one that suits your experience level. This article will guide you through some of the best Arowana options for beginners, focusing on ease of care, beauty, and compatibility with other fish. We’ll highlight specific products and resources from, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision.

Golden Arowana fish : Best Arowana for Beginners

24k Golden Arowana Fish 24k Golden Arowana Fish

The 24k Golden Arowana is renowned for its striking gold scales and majestic appearance. This variety is relatively hardy, making it suitable for beginners who are prepared to invest in the proper care setup. They require a spacious tank and a diet rich in protein to maintain their vibrant color and health. Golden Arowanas are known for their longevity and can be a long-term companion in your aquatic journey. Ensure you have a robust filtration system and regularly monitor water quality to keep your Golden Arowana thriving.

Silver Arowana Fish: Best Arowana for Beginners

Silver Arowana Silver Arowana

Silver Arowanas are another excellent choice for beginners due to their relatively straightforward care requirements. They are less expensive than other Arowana varieties, making them accessible for those just starting. Silver Arowanas are active swimmers and require a large tank with a secure lid to prevent jumping. Their diet consists of live and frozen foods, and they are known for their rapid growth, so be prepared to upgrade your tank size as they mature.

Jardini Arowana fish: Best Arowana for Beginners

The Jardini Arowana, or Australian Arowana, is a resilient species known for its distinctive bronze and gold scales. Jardinis are slightly more aggressive, so it’s crucial to ensure they have ample space and are housed with compatible tank mates. They thrive in well-maintained environments with consistent water parameters. Feeding Jardini Arowanas a varied diet of pellets, insects, and small fish will keep them healthy and vibrant.

Chili Red Arowana: Best Arowana for Beginners

Chili Red Arowana Chili Red Arowana Fish

Chili Red Arowanas are prized for their deep red coloration, which intensifies as they mature. While they are more challenging to care for due to their specific water quality and dietary needs, they are highly rewarding for dedicated hobbyists. Ensuring optimal conditions, such as stable pH levels and regular water changes, is crucial for maintaining their vibrant color. Chili Reds require a diet rich in carotenoids to enhance their pigmentation, making it essential to provide a varied and high-quality diet.

Malaysian Red Arowana: Best Arowana for Beginners

Malaysian Red Arowana Malaysian Red Arowana

The Malaysian Red Arowana is another stunning variety that can be suitable for beginners with some experience in fishkeeping. Known for their beautiful red scales, they require careful attention to water quality and diet. These Arowanas are relatively hardy but need a spacious tank and a balanced diet to thrive. Regular monitoring and maintenance of water parameters will help keep your Malaysian Red healthy and vibrant.

Platinum Arowana: Best Arowana for Beginners

Platinum Arowana Platinum Arowana

Platinum Arowana are one of the most sought-after and expensive varieties due to their pure white coloration and rarity. Although they are more challenging to care for, they can be an excellent choice for dedicated beginners willing to invest time and resources. Platinum Arowanas require pristine water conditions and a varied diet to maintain their health and coloration. Their rarity makes them a centerpiece in any aquarium, but they demand meticulous care and attention.

African Arowana: Best Arowana for Beginners

African Arowana African Arowana

African Arowanas are a unique choice for beginners looking for a less common species. They are generally hardier than their Asian counterparts and can adapt to a range of water conditions. African Arowanas have a distinct appearance with elongated bodies and large scales. They require a spacious tank and a diet consisting of pellets, insects, and small fish. Their robust nature makes them a suitable option for beginners willing to provide a stable environment.

Tank and Equipment

220 Gallon Half Moon Fish Tank

220 Gallon Half Moon Fish Tank 220 Gallon Half Moon Fish Tank

A spacious and well-equipped tank is essential for housing Arowanas. The 220 Gallon Half Moon Fish Tank is ideal for beginners as it provides ample space for your Arowana to swim and grow. Its unique shape adds aesthetic value to your home, while the large volume ensures stable water conditions. Pair this tank with a reliable filtration system and a secure lid to prevent your Arowana from jumping out.

170 Gallon White Fish Aquarium

170 Gallon White Fish Aquarium 170 Gallon White Fish Aquarium

For those with limited space, the 170-gallon White Fish Aquarium is a great alternative. This tank offers enough room for a young Arowana and can be upgraded as your fish grows. Its sleek design and durable construction make it a practical choice for beginners. Ensure you equip it with proper filtration and lighting to create an optimal environment for your Arowana.

Food and Nutrition

HARTZ Wardley Pond Floating Fish Food Pellets

HARTZ Wardley Pond Floating Fish Food Pellets HARTZ Wardley Pond Floating Fish Food Pellets – 10 Pound Bag

Feeding your Arowana a balanced diet is crucial for its health and coloration. The HARTZ Wardley Pond Floating Fish Food Pellets are an excellent choice for beginners. These pellets are rich in essential nutrients and are designed to float, mimicking the natural feeding behavior of Arowanas. Regular feeding with these pellets will ensure your Arowana grows healthy and vibrant.

Care and Maintenance

Arowana Care Sheet

Arowana Care Sheet Arowana Care Sheet

Understanding the specific care requirements of your Arowana is essential for its well-being. The Arowana Care Sheet provides comprehensive information on water quality, diet, and tank setup. This guide is invaluable for beginners, offering step-by-step instructions to ensure your Arowana thrives. Regularly referring to the care sheet will help you maintain optimal conditions for your fish.

Tank Mates

Black Diamond Stingray

Black Diamond Stingray Black Diamond Stingray

Choosing compatible tank mates for your Arowana is important to prevent aggression and stress. The Black Diamond Stingray is a popular choice due to its peaceful nature and stunning appearance. Stingrays require a soft substrate and spacious tank, making them suitable companions for Arowanas. Their unique shape and movement add diversity to your aquarium, creating a captivating display.


Selecting the best Arowana for beginners involves considering various factors such as tank size, water quality, diet, and compatibility with other fish. By choosing the right species and providing the necessary care, you can enjoy the beauty and elegance of Arowanas in your home aquarium. For more detailed information on Arowana care and products, visit and explore their extensive range of resources and supplies.

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By following these guidelines and utilizing the recommended products, beginners can successfully keep and enjoy Arowanas, creating a stunning centerpiece for their aquariums.