Arowana Fish Tank Setup

Arowana Fish Tank Setup | 220 Gallon Half-Moon Fish Tank

Arowana Fish Tank Setup: Tips for Creating a Suitable Habitat

Arowana fish, known for their magnificent appearance and agile swimming, are exceptionally sought-after species among aquarium enthusiasts. To guarantee their prosperity and advance their regular ways of behaving, giving them a reasonable territory in their tank is significant. Whether you are a novice or an accomplished aquarist, here are a few fundamental ways for Arowana fish tank setup .

Arowana Fish Tank Size and Dimensions

Arowana fish is known to become very enormous, contingent upon th

e species, and they require more than adequate swimming space. It is fundamental to give a tank that is sufficiently estimated for the specific types of Arowana you intend to keep. For the most part, a tank size of no less than 170 gallons or bigger is suggested for grown-up Arowana fish. The tank aspects ought to likewise be sufficiently extensive to permit them to turn and swim openly, as Arowana fish are known for their dynamic nature.

220 Gallon Half-Moon Fish Tank
220 Gallon Half-Moon Fish Tank

Arowana fish Water Quality and Parameters

Keeping up with ideal water quality is significant for the wellbeing and prosperity of Arowana fish. They favor marginally acidic to nonpartisan water with a pH scope of 6.5 to 7.5 and a water temperature between 75 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, contingent upon the species. It is crucial to screen water boundaries routinely utilizing dependable test units and make essential changes in accordance with keep up with stable water conditions. Satisfactory filtration, for example, a strong canister channel or a sump framework, is likewise crucial for keeping the water perfect and liberated from poisons.

Arowana Fish Tank Setup  and Decorations

While setting up the tank for Arowana fish, copying their normal habitat is significant. Giving a reasonable substrate, like sand or rock, permits them to show their normal scrounging ways of behaving. Arowana fish likewise value tank enrichments, like rocks, driftwood, and live plants, which give concealing spots and establish an invigorating climate. In any case, it is essential to keep away from sharp edges and hindrances that might make injure the Arowana fish as they are strong swimmers and can without much of a stretch harm themselves in an ineffectively embellished tank.

Arowana fish Lighting and Heating

Arowana fish require legitimate lighting and warming to flourish in their tank. Arowana fish is known to see the value in repressed lighting conditions, and furnishing a faintly lit tank with drifting plants or concealed regions can assist with lessening pressure and establish a regular habitat for them. Moreover, Arowana fish are known to be jumpers, so a firmly fitted aquarium cover is fundamental to keep them from leaping out of the tank. Legitimate warming is likewise vital, and utilizing an excellent radiator with an indoor regulator is prescribed to keep a reliable temperature in the tank.

Arowana Fish Diet and Feeding

Arowana fish is meat eating and have explicit dietary requirements. They normally feed on little fish, bugs, and shellfish in nature. It is vital to give them a shifted diet in the aquarium, including excellent pellets, frozen or live food varieties, and periodic treats like bugs or little fish. Taking care of Arowana fish on different occasions a day with a proper piece size forestalls overloading and keeps up with great water quality.

Tankmates and Compatibility

While choosing tankmates for Arowana fish, taking into account their compatibility is critical. Arowana fish are known to be ruthless and may see more modest fish as likely prey. It is ideal to try not to keep them with fish that can fit in their mouth, as they might show forceful ways of behaving towards more modest tankmates. Appropriate tankmates for Arowana fish incorporate bigger, serene fish that can endure their forceful nature, like catfish, bigger cichlids, or other enormous, non-forceful species.

Health and Disease Prevention for Arowana Fish

Keeping up with great water quality and giving a reasonable living space is fundamental for forestalling sicknesses in Arowana fish. Notwithstanding, it is additionally vital to screen their wellbeing intently and go to preventive lengths to guarantee their prosperity. Routinely notice their way of behaving, craving, and appearance for any indications of ailment or stress. Isolating new fish prior to acquainting them with the principal tank can assist with forestalling the spread of sicknesses. Giving a decent eating routine, abstaining from overloading, and keeping up with great water quality is significant for forestalling illnesses in Arowana fish.

Arowana Fish Tank Setup Regular Maintenance

Legitimate tank upkeep is fundamental for the drawn out wellbeing and prosperity of Arowana fish. Normal water changes, substrate cleaning, and channel upkeep are important to keep up with great water quality. Staying aware of ordinary upkeep errands forestalls the aggregation of poisons and keeps the tank climate spotless and smart for the Arowana fish.

Arowana Fish Tank Setup Security Measures

Arowana fish are known to be strong jumpers and can undoubtedly leap out of the tank, causing injury or demise. It is vital to have a firmly fitted aquarium cover or overhang to keep them from leaping out. Furthermore, guarantee that all electrical hardware, like radiators and channels, are appropriately introduced and kept up with to keep away from any expected dangers to the fish.

Arowana Fish Tank Setup

Safety Measures

Ultimately, it is vital to ceaselessly teach yourself about the particular types of Arowana fish you intend to keep. Research their regular living space, ways of behaving, and explicit consideration prerequisites to guarantee you are furnishing them with the most ideal climate in your tank. Remain refreshed with the most recent data on Arowana fish care and look for guidance from experienced aquarists or experts if necessary.


Setting up a reasonable natural surrounding for Arowana fish requires cautious thought of their tank size, water quality, tank arrangement, lighting, warming, diet, tankmates, wellbeing, support, and security measures. By giving them a very kept up tank that copies their common habitat, you can assist with advancing their wellbeing, prosperity, and normal ways of behaving. With legitimate consideration and consideration, Arowana fish can flourish in reasonable living space and become a staggering focal point in your aquarium.

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